N-Spin System Simulator (NSSS) for NMR

This is NSSS version 0.1.0, a N-Spin System Simulator (NSSS) for NMR that is fully based on the Cartesian Operator Product Formalism.

This software was initially written (in 1994) because Ray Freeman asked me if I could check his cartesian operator product calculation for the DEPT sequence.

My second intention was to write some code for a virtual spectrometer, something I never did.

NSSS is a C API. The user has to write a C program to use it. Demo executable programs named dept and abc1d can be built from the distribution file. They provide examples of NSSS use.



Data types

Named constants

Basic cartesian operator product formalism

Treatment of Hamiltonian operators made of non-commuting terms

FID computation

Utility routines

Jean-Marc Nuzillard

April 11th 2006