Print from Linux on a PC/WinXP printer

Last modified: March, 23rd 2005.

On the PC/WinXP side

The printer is connected to this PC. It accepts jobs from remote Windows computers. However, this might be unsufficient to use it from Linux through the network. You must have admin privileges to achieve the following two actions.

Installation of additional software (if not already there)

Control panel -> Network connection -> "Advanced" menu -> Optional network management components. The system says that an installation will occur and launches an assistant. Check "Other file and network printing services". "Next" starts installation and may require the insertion of the Windows installation CD.

Activate the TCP/IP print server

Control panel -> Administration tools -> Services. Double-click on the "TCP/IP print server" item and select "automatic start-up".

On the Linux/CUPS side

Activate the CUPS manager through your internet browser (http://localhost:631).
Printer manager.
Add a printer.
Printer name (will be used by the lpr command),
Location (the room in which it is present),
Description (what you want),
Device : LPD/LPR Host or Printer,
Device URI lpd://IP_of_the_PCWin/printer_name_on_the_PCWin,
Model/Driver (page 1, manufacturer),
Model/Driver (page 2, model),

Print test page.
Never failed since I follow this procedure.
My printer is a HP DeskJet 1200. Manufacturer is HP, model is HP DeskJet Cups 1.1 (en)


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