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The Jres package (download) provides a method for the processing of 2-D J-resolved NMR data sets using Gifa, according to the standard procedure.

This package is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. You may consider it as a Public Domain software.

The jresproc macro command invokes three non-standard Gifa macro commands:


tiltc and symjc rely on material located in "util/ux2cache/" from the Gifa v4 distribution. For convenience, this material is repackaged in cache_mad.tar.gz, see cache_mad.html for details.

Jres is installed by:

     tar xzvf jres.tar.gz
     cd Jres
     make install
that copy the Gifa macros "jresproc", "tilt" and "symj" in $HOME/macro/ and the binary files "tiltc" and "symjc" in $HOME/bin/.


     read data
transform the 2-D J-resolved raw data set named data.

Zero-filling in performed once in F2 (sz2 becomes sz2*2) and twice in F1 (sz1 becomes 4*sz1). A pseudo-echo filter is applied on both F1 and F2. This may strongly reduce the signal to noise ratio is only the first FIDs contain most of the signal.

Jean-Marc Nuzillard

January 20th 2005