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The Cache_MAD library was developed by Marc-André Delsuc (MAD) for in-place NMR data processing, by avoiding the full data transfer between disk and RAM. This is particularly useful for 3D data sets.

The content of cache_mad.tar.gz comes from the standard Gifa distribution. However, it can be used in many contexts that are independent from Gifa, even from NMR. I used it for processing method development, completely outside of Gifa, just because if allows to store parameters and 1D, 2D or 3D number arrays in the same file. The "cache_mad.c" file contains the user's manual at its beginning.

This package is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. You may consider it as a Public Domain software.


     tar xzvf cache_mad.tar.gz
     cd Cache_mad
     make install
install header files in /usr/local/include and the libcache_mad.a library in /usr/local/lib.

Jean-Marc Nuzillard

January 20th 2005