Blind Source Separation -> f-SOBI


The hypothesis in f-SOBI are

The algorithm strongly relies on the SOBI algorithm. Its conception and implementation were the result of a collaboration with Danielle Nuzillard.

The sources of f-SOBI, written in Matlab language, are archived in f-sobi.tar.gz, as well an example.


From these sources:

The following mixtures were computed:

An the sources evaluated back using f-SOBI:


Second-order blind source separation in the Fourier space of data.
Nuzillard D, Nuzillard J-M
Signal Processing, 2003, 83, 627-631

A blind source separation technique using second order statistics.
Belouchrani A, Abed-Meraim K, Cardoso J-F, Moulines E
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Jean-Marc Nuzillard

March 25th 2005